Myanna Dellinger Cited in Australian Academic and Finnish Government Research

Myanna Dellinger’s publication on public participation in government decision-making and enforcement, “Ten Years of the Aarhus Convention: How Procedural Democracy is Paving the Way for Substantive Change in National and International Environmental Law,” has been cited in two different publications around the world. One is “Addressing Climate Vulnerability: Promoting the Participatory Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Women through Finnish Foreign Policy,” a publication commissioned by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs; and the other is “From International Principles to Local Practices: a Socio-legal Framing of Public Participation Research,” written by a scholar with the University of New England School of Law’s Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law. Professor Dellinger promotes public participation in government affairs, and the cited article urges that although not always easily effectuated, public participation leads to significant advantages including better substantive rulemaking, a higher degree of buy-in by the general public and thus a reduced need for law enforcement, cost benefits for governments, government accountability, and more actual on-the-ground change when compared to traditional top-down solutions.