Tracie Porter Publishes, Serves as Delegate at Global Law Summit, and Organizes Writers’ Guild at NBA Conference

Professor Tracie Porter’s two most recent articles are appearing in the spring issues of the Arkansas Law Review and the Akron Law Review, entitled, The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Business Side of Incarcerating, Not Educating, Students in Public Schools, 68 Ark. L. Rev. 55 (2015) and The Quagmire of Mortgage Short Sale Transactions Under Current Homeownership Tax Policy in a Time of Crisis, __ Akron L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2015).  She also wrote short articles for both the National Bar Association’s Magazine, entitled, The Great Loss of Wealth for African Americans, 19 Nat’l Bar Assn. Mag. 16 (Dec. 2014), and the ABA Section of International Law’s Year in Review, entitled, New Qualified Mortgage Regulations in the United States (forthcoming Spring 2015).

In February, Professor Porter was sponsored by the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) of Los Angeles to serve as an International Delegate at the Global Law Summit in London.  She spoke at the UKTI Global Marketplace on current developments for practicing in the U.S. market for international lawyers, which included being featured as Director of the WSCL Business Law Center in the UKTI Global Market publication distributed at the Summit.  Over 2,300 delegates from around the world attended the Summit, including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

More recently, Professor Porter also organized a Writer’s Guild at the National Bar Association’s (NBA) Mid-Year Conference and Gertrude Rush Awards Dinner in St. Louis.  Held in March, the panel was facilitated by NBA President Pamela J. Meanes of Thompson Coburn, LLP, and allowed authors who were both attorneys and professors to showcase their books and share their publishing experiences with aspiring authors.  The panel was well attended by practitioners, judges and professors, including prominent activist and intellectual Dr. Cornel West.