John Ohashi Publishes Article in FINRA Newsletter

Adjunct Professor John Ohashi published an article, “Managing the Pro Se Hearing: A Suggested Approach,” in The Neutral Corner, the newsletter for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Professor Ohashi, who teaches Corporate Finance & Accounting, is a transactional attorney and serves as an arbitrator/mediator for various dispute resolution forums, including FINRA.  FINRA regulates the securities brokerage industry in the U.S.

Jennifer Koh Joins Blogging Team at Immigration Law Professors’ Blog

Professor Jennifer Koh has joined the blogging team at the Immigration Law Professors Blog, a national blog that features immigration-related news and commentary and is widely read by immigration scholars throughout the academy.  Professor Koh’s first post brings attention to California’s Assembly Bill 899, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown this week, which prohibits state authorities from disclosing the confidential records of immigrant youth to federal immigration authorities.

Elizabeth N. Jones Presents at National Crime Victims Conference

Professor Elizabeth N. Jones spoke at the National Center for Victims of Crime 2015 Training Institute in Anaheim today, the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Professor Jones discussed some of the often competing concerns in victim restitution cases and the need for constitutional and legislative change in this area. Her co-panelists were Professor Paul Cassell from the University of Utah College of Law and attorney Tony Sarabia II.