Jennifer Koh Publishes Essay on Teaching Skills in Nevada Law Journal

Professor Jennifer Koh has published, “Integrating Skills and Collaborating Across Law Schools: An Example from Immigration Law,” in the Nevada Law Journal. The essay, which she co-authored with Professor Anna Welch at the University of Maine School of Law, discusses the design and implementation of introductory Immigration Law courses taught by the authors at their respective law schools. Although the courses took place on opposite coasts and did not engage in a formal partnership that was visible to students, the authors deliberately planned the courses in close collaboration with one another behind the scenes. In doing so, the courses shared the explicit goal of increasing students’ exposure to practical lawyering skills while reinforcing students’ understanding of the substantive immigration laws. This Essay provides an example of the ways in which doctrinal courses across the law school curriculum can both deepen students’ understanding of substantive law while also exposing them to the realities of legal practice. The citation for the essay is 16 Nev. L. J. 147 (2015).