Monica Todd Presents at Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference

Monica Todd presented at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference at the University of Denver on March 24.  Her presentation, “You cheated?  When I specifically told you not to?  Academic Dishonesty and Best Practices for Preventing It,” addressed the various ways in which law students cheat, as well as reasons and consequences for doing so for students, schools, and the profession.  The importance of promoting integrity throughout the law school experience was proposed as a key solution for addressing the problem at its source.  This presentation was inspired by the collaborative efforts of Professors Todd and Lori Roberts in their upcoming article on this topic.


Monica Todd and Eunice Park Present at Arizona State University

Professors Monica Todd and Eunice Park presented at the 17th Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing Conference on “Settlement: A 1L Exercise to Prepare for Appellate Advocacy.” At the conference, held from March 10-11 at Arizona State University, Professors Todd and Park discussed how a settlement negotiation exercise can allow students to experience a practical introduction to persuasion before launching into the appellate brief assignment for the semester.




Monica Todd and Eunice Park Present on Cultural Competence at UNM

Professors Monica Todd and Eunice Park presented “Cultural Competence–A Critical Skill for Modern Lawyering,” at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, held at the University of New Mexico School of Law March 5-6. Cultural competency has been identified by the ABA as a professional skill needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession, and the California Bar counts it among the experiential skills.  The presentation, which included Professor Lori Roberts’ assessment rubric, addressed methods currently being employed for incorporating cultural competency as a learning outcome in Western State’s legal writing program.