Susan Keller Presents at Harvard College

Associate Dean Susan Keller returned last week to Harvard College to participate in a symposium celebrating her undergraduate major, Folklore and Mythology.  She talked about how the techniques she learned for studying oral and traditional narratives can inform the analysis of appellate legal opinions. 


Susan Keller Publishes Opinion Piece Encouraging Non-Sex-Segregated Public Restrooms

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Susan Keller has written an opinion piece that addresses the assumption that gender is binary, an assumption that lies behind some of the challenges to the Obama Administration guidelines on access to public restrooms. Dean Keller’s article confronts the notion of a binary categorization system and suggests the alternative of offering facilities that are not sex-segregated, urging that this would provide both obvious and subtle benefits. “What If We All Used The Same Bathroom?” was published in the Boston Globe’s September 6 issue.